Upcoming Events:

August 2 – Ruth Circle Summer Brunch


For the Record:

Last Weekend’s Attendance: 125

Last Weekend’s Total Offerings: $5,814

2018 weekly envelope & loose offering budget: $5,407


Nursery Help. We are taking donations for items needed for filling the nursey. Donations can be placed in the offering plate in an envelope with the memo “Nursery” we greatly appreciate helping nurture our little ones. Thank you.


Bright Beginnings Update. We have raised $113,526. Commitments outstanding are $4,200. We still need to raise at least $21,000. Please help fulfil the financial support of this mission.


Cards for Our Military. Please be sure to include your name on the card for Elise Ulferts and Maddie Pleskovitch. Sergeant Ulferts is currently serving in the Middle East. Soon-to-be Private Pleskovitch will be going to boot camp later this month.


Church Financial Update. Thank you for your financial support through these first six months of 2018. Unfortunately, 2018 offerings are running below budget as of this past week. If you are able, please help our congregation get financially “in the black” by the end of July. Thanks!


Radio ministry… There are plenty of openings to sponsor the radio broadcast of our Worship Service each week. Your name and who you would like to remember or honor will be read at the beginning of the broadcast which airs Sundays at 9:30 a.m. The cost is $35.00 per week and checks should be payable to Immanuel Lutheran Church.


A Thank you… from the Ruth Circle for your donations to the Dixon Food Center. through this ministry, we are able to help those in need!