Upcoming Events:

June 15 – Synod Assembly

June 24 – Pastor Schweppe’s Installation

June 26 – ELCA Youth Gathering

July 21 – Habitat for Humanity


For the Record:

Last Weekend’s Attendance: 156

Last Weekend’s Total Offerings: $3,300

2018 weekly envelope & loose offering budget: $5,407



Thank you for coming to Immanuel today! Please take a moment and

sign our Friendship Pad – be sure to include your contact information.

We also want you to know that all Christians are welcome to receive

Holy Communion. We provide gluten-free wafers in addition to grape juice for those who have these preferences. We pray your experience

today will move you to come again next week for worship and

fellowship. God bless!




Pastor Dave Schweppes’s Installation with Immanuel Lutheran Church is on June 24th at 10:00 a.m., which will be the only service that weekend.

Immediatley after the service there will be a meal. No cost to the meal. We simply ask a free will donation. There will be gluten-free options available. If possible, please RSVP to the church.

Thank you and we hope you can join us during the celebratory brunch!



Bright Beginnings Update. We have raised $110,951. Commitments outstanding are $4,450. We still need to raise at least $21,000. Please help fulfil the financial support of this mission.


Church Financial Update. Thank you for your financial support through these first four months of 2018. Unfortunately, 2018 offerings are running 8% below budget as of this past week. If you are able, please help our congregation get financially “in the black” by the end of April. Thanks!


Altar Flowers …There are many opportunities to sponsor altar flowers for 2018 in memory or honor of your loved ones. Find your special date, sign up on the flower chart located in the Narthex, and fill out a form with your loved ones names. Cost is $37 for two vases and can be placed in the offering plate with the memo: altar flowers.


It’s Habitat Time Again! We are scheduled to work at the new Habitat for Humanity Home on July 21st. The house is located on Clark Street. We need a crew of 6-8 workers, a group of people willing to help with the luncheon, and people who are willing to make a monetary donation to help cover the luncheon cost. Sign-up sheets are on the social bulletin board in the back hallway. Donations should be made to Immanuel, with a note to indicate its use for Habitat.

You will be required to watch a safety movie before working at the site. This will be shown at church before the work date. We don’t HAVE to do the hard work of God’s kingdom, but we GET TO. Please sign up to help with this endeavor. If you have questions, call Kirsten at 288-3091.