THE PRAYER TEAM will be praying for this week’s worship Prayer Concerns plus Families/Members:

Julie Decker         James & Barbara Delhotel      Janet Dempsey           Mark & Jessica Dempsey


ALTAR FLOWERS 2018…There are many opportunities to sponsor altar flowers for 2018 in memory or honor of your loved ones. Find your special date, sign up on the flower chart located in the Narthex, and fill out a form with your loved ones names. Cost is $37 for two vases and payment can be placed in the offering plate with the memo: altar flowers.


SPECIAL CONGREGATIONAL MEETING… scheduled for Sunday, January 28 at 11:45.  The purpose of this meeting is to consider approving a recommendation made by the Congregation Council to amend item C5.03 of the constitution by adding the words and treasurer.


ANNUAL MEETING… scheduled for Sunday, January 28 immediately following the 11:45 a.m. special congregational meeting.  Among other items on the agenda, the 2018 proposed budget will be discussed and voted upon.  Please plan on attending these two important meetings of our congregation. The 2017 bulletin of reports is on the table in the Narthex for your review before the meeting.


CALL COMMITTEE UPDATE…The Call Committee will be studying additional candidates in the near future.


CHURCH HISTORY…Does anyone have or know of someone who has a reel-to-reel audio tape player? We are looking for one to be able to listen to old audio tapes from the church’s history. Please contact the office or Kirsten Kavanaugh, 288-3091.


BRIGHT BEGINNINGS UPDATE…Stage 1 of the building process - Excavating and framing have been completed.  Next up will be installation of the metal roof along with setting the roof heating and air conditioning units, pouring the concrete floor and tying in the plumbing to the existing building.  Donations are still being accepted to help us meet the needed $150,000.  Council would like to extend our thanks for your continued support of this important mission.  The current total for cash donations is $87,204.12 with commitments of $35,350.00. If you've been thinking about making a donation and/or commitment to help in meeting the $75,000 cash/$75,000 commitment totals, there is still opportunity to do so.  Thank you for your continued support of this important mission of Immanuel that provides quality education and Christian values to area children.


FUNERAL LUNCHEON DISHES…There are dishes left over from past funeral luncheons. They will be on display in the Lobby. Please check to see if any of them are yours and take them home. Any unclaimed dishes will be taken to the Leydig Center. Thank you.